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ADT Security Services Reviews

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  • bad service

    I got adt system in my town home guy came out to put it in didnt go over nothen with me he was on his cell on blue tooth hole time very rud and soon got here at my house he asked to use rest room omg hentook a shit in my home and smelled it really bad he didnt put the system in right he got all wires showing on out side my walls really he needs be fired then he asked me for my pass word he put it in really no good business at all More...
    (Repair Services)
    jasoncody1's Picture   jasoncody1    0 Comments   Comments
  • salesman

    The ADT deal itself was excellent and given the fact I was looking for a system urgently I would of been put off by the aggresive and obnoxious salesmen who sold the product. Having agreed a home visit to discuss installation with one salesman, at a cost of £5 per week, the second salesman cancelled 2 home visits with 20 minutes notice and stating he had family commitments. When finally arriving his quote was £60 more expensive and suggested I use a calculator has he 'does the sums every day' and he was right. He informed me his colleague was inexperienced and got his... More...
    (Delivery Services)
    princess19's Picture   princess19    0 Comments   Comments
  • ADT will leave you UNPROTECTED

    If you can avoid using ADT I recommend that you do. Although their actual monitoring service is great, their customer service is terrible. My monitoring is out through their faulty equipment and they can not find an appointment for more than 3 weeks. So no cameras etc, just waiting for some event to happen that can not be documented while they rush to see new customers. I have been an ADT customer for at least 8years and while I wait 3 weeks for my repair and then a 5 hour service window; I will screen other alarm companies that have better service windows, and actually accommodate loyal... More...
    (Repair Services)
    YT2221's Picture   YT2221    0 Comments   Comments
  • ADT lack of monitoring!

    BEWARE! I switched from ADT to another monitoring company. When he came to install the new system we saw a red light blinking on the ADT box. When we opened the cover the SIM card had fallen out meaning ADT couldn't receive a signal from my home. When I called ADT the last active signal they received was 6 months prior! This means they weren't monitoring my house, yet I had paid them for 6 months! They said for all they know I tripped the system and without an ADT person taking a look at it there was nothing they could do. I asked them to provide proof the system was being... More...
    feliciabree's Picture   feliciabree    0 Comments   Comments
  • ADT scam, inoperable equipment, excessive termination fee

    My business had an alarm system for thirty five years and unfortunately stopped working. That's when my misery began with ADT and Alarm System Now. Since, the initial installation everything has been horrible. The technician stated I'm running to my van and I'll be back to finish installation. Well he never came back that day. The alarm could not be used. Equipment used was attached to my wall and windows with duct tape and others a failing two sided tape, the glass break and motion detectors didn't work at all, the decibel alarm was not alarming. It could only be heard... More...
  • Very very bad services

    I will give ADT a negative score if possible. This is the third time in a row our alarm system gave a low battery signal at around 3am. Yesterday I spent more than two hours on the phone to try to arrange an appointment to fix it, which should be totally free under my maintenance plan. At the end, I gave up. It has been at least ten times before when we have to check our coverage under maintenance plan, every single time, the rep promises all my coverage was updated by him/her in their system we will never need to go through it again. I can not imagine how a company with such a mess... More...
    (Home Improvement)
    goodluck555's Picture   goodluck555    3 Comments   Comments
  • I think ADT is cheating me

    Last night I had the 2nd alarm event in a week. I called ADT and after turning off the alarm, they found, with my help, that my access code had reverted to what it was before I changed it during last week's alarm event. So I changed it, not saying it out loud like last week, and Tierra tried to sell me an App and inside camera, then set me up with an appointment tomorrow for outside cameras. I felt pressured and hung up after being on the phone an hour and 15 minutes. They changed my previous access code, they said, to a duress signal. Meaning the cops would be notified if that were... More...
    contiln4's Picture   contiln4    0 Comments   Comments
  • ADT battery pack in wall mount unit

    After several false alarms and non- emergency phone calls from ADT lies about my system I found that the battery pack had caught fire and melted so I took their system out of my home after being told it would have set my house a fire. Filed a report with the BBB with no results. ADT told BBB I never tried to contact them and they had called me several times, they called once and I call them several times got answering machine they never called back. I now owe them 158.00 for breaking the contract but could not get them to fix the system. Found out they came to my neighbors home knocked on... More...
    01granny's Picture   01granny    0 Comments   Comments
  • ADT alarm

    I ha very bad experience with this company. They withdrew money from my account without my consent. We had dispute going on for some time. Rather than giving me explanation for that sum they just withdrew from my account& I was overdrawn from my for which I had to pay charges. I am so unhappy with this company. This is a con company not an alarm company . I will b cancelling contract with them very soon. Wouldn't recommend to anyone. More...
    (Repair Services)
    Indukapur's Picture   Indukapur    0 Comments   Comments
  • ADT Failed to contact Police during an actual burglary

    Recently my home was broken into, my ADT security system functioned exactly as it should. Glass break sensor and motion detector both set off the alarm. ADT called our home and left a voice message on our answering machine and that was all. They did not contact the local police department or 911, they did not attempt to contact our additional emergency numbers. All they did was leave a message on our answering machine stating that there was an alarm detection and told us to call them if we had any questions. Since then we have attempted to contact ADT to get an explanation, to see what... More...
  • Poor management

    The too buffoons who run the WPB office need a lessen in how to interview properly. At both the interview and at orientation I was never told we'd go "door to door" trying to sell alarms! This was conveniently left out until day three of "training", also I was told that I would be paid $40.00 for training, which I was but when you go door to door the only way you get paid is if you sell an alarm, again this was also left out.So I wasted a week of my life walking the streets of these neighborhoods and I did it for free. Its no wonder that they are forever... More...
    (Education, Schools)
  • Worst service ever

    Never get their service they are only good to take your money out If you Call for sales dept their answer the phone in less than a minute if you call with a problem I wait more than 20 min on hold after talk we a representative how can't help me and (Britney ) and she gone a send me a tecnitian in 2 weeks 2 weeks so I have to stay with the problem two weeks until they come I anwers her to talk with a manager she put me on hold for 30 min ...... Don't get this service ever in your life give your money to a charity is better believe I pay the service 4 years and the first time that... More...
    (Electronics, Appliances - Sponsored By BEST BUY)
    Andrearubes's Picture   Andrearubes    1 Comments   Comments
  • Power Source burning!

    I have a ADT system built into my home, Being in a new home in a safe part of the city i didnt feel it was necessary to have the system monitored but was thinking about it. I am no longer thinking about it - the system installed in my home nearly burned my house down! The back up battery bowed and buckled out after the alarm was triggered several times when it went off again I smelled something burning. Could not find out where the smell was coming from until the next day when i noticed it coming from my daughters room (5yr old) there was a panel in her closet and attic access from her room... More...
    (Home Improvement)
    blynn's Picture   blynn    0 Comments   Comments
  • Bad customer service

    After one year of trying to upgrade to the pulse system without any call backs from a rep, I finally was able to get an appointment date. On 11/18/13 I took a day off from work to get my system upgraded, however that did not happen. Instead I was contacted via phone by a sales rep trying to sell me what I already wanted (The Pulse System.) After he apologies for the miss under standing I'm a rescheduled for install on11/29/13 between 8am-12 noon. On 11/29/13 i now for a second time time took another 8 hours of vacation from work. After 12 came a went, I called the sales rep to ask what... More...
    swoops2026's Picture   swoops2026    0 Comments   Comments
  • ADT security provider in Chillicothe, Londonderry, Ohio area

    After much warning from other ADT customers, I still chose to give ADT a chance to prove otherwise. I had my new system installed in October 2012. I have serious health problems and am totally permanently disabled with a brain aneurysm as well. I also have an active CPO on my ex-husband for threats on my life. BUT, my ADT security system would cause my landline to fail and go out which left me without a phone to call for help from (cells don't work where I live) and it would take them up to one week to schedule each appt. This happened 6 times! They would always say, "We're... More...
    (Home Improvement)
    leebee1958's Picture   leebee1958    0 Comments   Comments
  • Worst service ever!

    I work in the services industry and I usually give the benefit of doubt. but i am so frustrated and hence this review. I have been waiting for now close to a month for a ADT system to be installed at my house and called half a dozen times to check and i get the " we are waiting for paper work from one department to the other" . Yes I understand, but a month? I can ship things to Singapore and have it shipped back in that time which is on the other side of the world. its ridiculous and I was willing to pay for it if they would expedite the whole process. but guess they... More...
    (Home Improvement)
  • ADT - Didn't replace faulty sensors; couldn't alarm house

    We had to fire ADT Security for lack of service. Although I pay monthly for maintenance %u2013 I couldn%u2019t get a faulty sensor replaced! On 9/5 after more than a week of messing with 2 sensors, I made an appointment to have 2 faulty sensors replaced. We had already replaced the batteries, checked them for being loose %u2013 kept the batteries out for 5 minutes, etc and they were still sending error alerts. On 9/9 the ADT Tech came out. He chose to replace only 1 sensor because the 2nd one was working %u201Cright now%u201D. Within 12 hours, it was sending error signals again. We... More...
    JRiley's Picture   JRiley    0 Comments   Comments
  • ADT has horrible customer service

    On 8/13/2012 my husband and I purchased a home security system. At that time I informed the sales representative that the only way we could afford to purchase the alarm system was to charge the large installation fee on a credit card, but could pay the monthly fee with our debit account. The sales representative stated that this would not be a problem, and wrote on the contract that I signed that the installation fee (stated on contract at $815.00) was to be charged to the card (entire card number and expiration date are written out on contract), and smaller monthly payments of $45.99 were... More...
    shilgart's Picture   shilgart    1 Comments   Comments
  • ADT FAILED my family!!

    ADT FAILED US and many others!! ADT FAILED to notify fire rescue when our monitored smoke alarms were going off. AFTER our house was a total loss, and 2 LOVING pets perished, the Fire Dept Investigator called ADT FROM MY BURNT HOUSE asking why they didn%u2019t send help. They claimed they didn%u2019t know the alarms were going off! They KNOW that my house was a total loss, yet 4 days later they took out my next month%u2019s payment, and 3 1/2wks later, still not a word from ADT!! After the fire, I was speaking to a friend who lost his house 2 miles away 7 months prior. I told him how upset... More...
    pamcasso's Picture   pamcasso    1 Comments   Comments
  • Not impessed with adt

    After being with adt at our old house for 14 months we moved. Adt came to install the wireless system in the house we just bought but was unable to b/c there product couldnt get a signal. When i caled them about it they said our only option was to pay $700 to get out of our previos contract or get a landline. So that means i'd have to pay someone to install landline that i dont want and would only use for adt and pay an additional $40 a month for them. Not to mention the fact that all someone has to do is cut your phone lines and you have no alarm system. Why cant adt just get a... More...
    Cornergurl's Picture   Cornergurl    1 Comments   Comments
  • ADT: Beware of their contracts!!!

    the contracts are very one sided. ADT has been a pain in my side for years now. You have no options in the contract to terminate it but every 6 months or so your bill will increase and you will have no way to dispute. Just very frustrating. I am happy to be free of their tactics and happily protected by another company. There are too many other great options available with companies who are interested in your needs and not just their own. Save yourself the hassle and dont get baited in to ADT. More...
    AFEC's Picture   AFEC    0 Comments   Comments
  • Service Activation

    We ordered and PAID for and complete ADT system for our new home over weeks ago The Installer requested a original copy of our DEED OF TRUST to our home, which I reluctanlty gave to him. I also faxed, emailed and mailed copies to ADT, as well as, had our title compant do the same. After weeks we still have ZERO service and have been told that we are not "holding up our contractual obligation" and cannot cancel our service (THAT WE DO NOT HAVE). What a joke of a company! I am beyond frustrated. More...
    (Legal Services)
  • Horrible system

    My husband and I installed an ADT wireless system about 1.5years ago. Less than 24hrs after the system was installed a technician had to come back out because a zone was in alarm. We fought zone alarms for MONTHS!! I have lost count of how many times I have been on the phone trying to figure out what was going on. They finally installed a booster more than 6months later that took care of the problem for a little while. Now we have zone alarms AGAIN and ADT flat out REFUSES to work on the system other than Mon-Fri 8am to 430pm. I am sorry but I work for a living, it cost me $500 A DAY... More...
    (Home Improvement)
    aggiepigtails's Picture   aggiepigtails    1 Comments   Comments
  • ADT Contract

    ADT Contract rips off older customer who do not understand the fine print I spoke with Kelsey with ADT who continously state you signed the contract. That was very annoying and rude customer service. They over charge me for a billing cycle for three months 500.00 per month. To have an alarm system that has half installed and is not worth it. It unreal these charges and I have cancelled my credit card I can't afford this every month. I was told that it would not be over 800.00 however the agent trick me into signing something stating I would pay the 500.00 for three months. The... More...
    nwilks60's Picture   nwilks60    0 Comments   Comments
  • adt

    toejoe's Picture   toejoe    0 Comments   Comments
  • ADT lies

    We had an ADT security system, then moved to an area where they do not cover. We wanted to transfer the system, but they could not, yet they want $400++ in cancellation fees!!! We do not want to cancel. We knew when we signed up that we did not need the system more than 2 years (less than the 3 yr contract). The sales rep. assured us that this would not be a problem (the service would be transferred or the fee waived), i.e., she lied to us. Further, they informed us that they could not forward our bill and could not send it via email - what's up with that? Google "ADT lied",... More...
  • No protection!

    ADT does not delliver on protection or on customer service. In October of last year, our contractor turned off the system. It immediately sounded an alarm and he wasn't sure what to do because he didn't have the secret code to turn it off. He was amazed that no one from ADT ever called to check on us or our house. When we found this out a few weeks later, we called ADT to ask why they had not checked on us or our home to make sure we were okay and why - since they were receiving no signal from our house - had they not come out to check. . They had no answer. We asked them to send... More...
    (Home Improvement)
    anea's Picture   anea    1 Comments   Comments

    I've been an ADT customer since the year 2001. The old system was wonderful, in some cases, if it works don't change it. This new system that Safe Link calls "LICK AND STICK" is the worst system they have come out with. If I'm going to be robbed I will get killed before this system saves me. This stupid alarm goes off at all hours of the day for no reason, they will charge me $25 for service call, when the technician comes out, nothing is wrong, like I'm an idiot, they take your cellphone, and they call you during work hours, I work 30 miles from my house,... More...
    barbarita417's Picture   barbarita417    0 Comments   Comments
  • Misleading Customers

    I have been a Brinks (Broadview Security)customer for several years. Now that ADT has purchased Broadview Security, they refused to honor my existing contract, when I bought a new home and wanted to relocate my services to the new address. My old address was in St. Pete, FL 33705. I was told I would be required to sign a new 3 year agreement and that my rate would no longer be honored. I submitted an email to the company about a month ago and is yet to receive a response. I also spoke with customer service and received no follow correspondence from their management. I also submitted a BBB... More...
    kajuan96's Picture   kajuan96    0 Comments   Comments
  • Customer Service 101 review

    We recently found out that our in-home security system monitoring services had been purchased by ADT Security. We contacted ADT to purchase a system upgrade, and upon receiving a quote set up an installation appointment. No one showed up to our first appointment, so we rescheduled. The person who showed up to our second appointment was unfamiliar with our system's main panel and therefore our appointment was again rescheduled...remember there is a 5-hour response window for each service call, time that we must remain home and available. Our third service appointment was also missed due... More...
    (Repair Services)
    betsybp's Picture   betsybp    0 Comments   Comments

    We installed a security system in our new home in August 2008- WE PAID for it to be installed, just over 280.00. We pay monthly service also. (no freebies here!) When the installer left, and gathered the signatures...(with explination of the keypad) we noticed he installed the main junction box on a wall that was being dismantled in the basement. (YES BEING TAKEN DOWN AT THE TIME!) we called numerous times with no answer from CS, and no return phone calls. Told us we needed to talk to the instal mgr. It took nearly 3 months to get them on the phone, and then they refused to move the box,... More...
    (Electronics, Appliances - Sponsored By BEST BUY)
    Sibahan's Picture   Sibahan    1 Comments   Comments
  • ADT secure service contract

    An ADT sales rep got us to sign up for service by promising us a month-to-month plan that could be canceled at anytime for any reason. "Nothing to lose" he said. In a classic bait-and-switch we were placed on a 2 year plan with a $500 early termination fee. We discovered this by accident when contacting ADT for an unrelated issue. Over the past 6 months we have spoken to countless ADT customer service reps and managers, while they believe we are telling the truth, all tell us there is nothing that can be done. One rep went as far as to tell us ADT is in the business of making... More...
    (Electronics, Appliances - Sponsored By BEST BUY)
    ADTsucks's Picture   ADTsucks    25 Comments   Comments
  • In 2005 I had a tragedy. My...

    In 2005 I had a tragedy. My family was murdered in our home. I had to move back into the home for financial reasons. So, I contacted ADT to check into pricing of a home security system. One of their reps came to my home and talked me into a system, supposedly for $99. What they don't tell you, is you have to purchase all the window units separately. After charging me $1,200 for the system, I had no shortage of problems with it. I kept the monitoring service for over a year. After that time I had yet another problem. When the tech. came to look at it, he stated I had no fire protection... More...
    (Electronics, Appliances - Sponsored By BEST BUY)
    Debbie's Picture   Debbie    0 Comments   Comments


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