ADT Security Services Complaint

ADT Security Services Complaint


ADT secure service contract - service contract

An ADT sales rep got us to sign up for service by promising us a month-to-month plan that could be canceled at anytime for any reason. "Nothing to lose" he said. In a classic bait-and-switch we were placed on a 2 year plan with a $500 early termination fee. We discovered this by accident when contacting ADT for an unrelated issue. Over the past 6 months we have spoken to countless ADT customer service reps and managers, while they believe we are telling the truth, all tell us there is nothing that can be done. One rep went as far as to tell us ADT is in the business of making money and therefore would not alter our contract as it's just not company policy to do so. The sales tactics of the ADT sales rep who sold us our contract were both unethical and illegal yet ADT refuses accountability. We are frustrated and disappointed in ADT as we expected much better service from such a large firm. Google "ADT lied" and you will see we are not alone.

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cozyinn says: (3 months ago)
I cancelled installation of ADT security systems. The installer was told I changed my mind several hours
before the installation. The following day a $51.94 was debited from my checking account. I placed a
call to customer service and was told I would be credited the charge to my checking account. I waited
four days and placed a second call to customer service. I was told I would not receive the credit, since
I had been told of the NON-Refund of installation cost. I said the installer was told hours before the
arrival time. TOO BAD, the installation charge is NON-REFUNDABLE. A Genuine RIP-OFF. I will give
ADT lots of negative feedback every time i can. Stay away from their sleezy, slippery sign up quick
process. The first customer service agent LIZ is a liar, the second rep Marlene has a TOO BAD Attitude.

Tati says: (1 year ago)
Seriously, what is not a rip off in this country??? Coming from Germany to USA to stay with my American husband is totally frustrating!!

Dissastified says: (2 years ago)
ADT Booooooo,. This company rips people off by false advertising.
The salesperson who apparently does not work for the company anymore,
Never told me it was a 3 year contract. In fact she said we could cancel
At anytime. Ha, I am moving and they now are charging me a
600.00 cancelation fee. Not recommending ADT and I will never using them again.
Reporting them to BBB and posting on facebook. I am sure they don't care and are
Laughing all the way to the bank. Bad Karma ADT.

bgolden says: (4 years ago)
Please check out the home security under the products on my website. It's wireless and can be self installed in a home, apartment, dorm, condo, or business location. It also can be monitoored with a home phone, internet, or cell phone. I will tell you that there is a three year agreement but you will be satisfied and enjoy the extras that come along with the package of your choice. You may contact me @ (313) 995-2350.

dummies says: (4 years ago)
sounds like a bunch of retards who dont know how to read what you sign. why would you want a month to month security service...that leaves the door open for rate hikes. if you dont sign a contract how do you expect to get a $1000 security system for free...doesnt make people are retards

ADTisabaddeal says: (4 years ago)
You are lucky. I was locked-in in a 5 YEAR contract as a business customer. The sales rep also told me this was a MONTH TO MONTH contract. The I tried to cancel it and they charged me $1,800 of terminatio fee which is equivalente at 90% of the rest of the contract of $40/month. The contract also sais thecan raise the fee antime they would like. This is a TOTAL rip off.. and I hope someone can sue them. Unfortunately everything is in the contract, but nobody tell you.

DonotuseADTSecurity says: (4 years ago)
I'd like to add some more information to ADT Security Service. Please be wary in entering into a contract with this company. There are plenty of providers out there that do not need a contractual obligation. They lock you into a 3 year deal which is not so bad as long as the service works with your configuration. If you break the service they are unwilling to negotiate or discuss any terms to ease the pain and it is 75% of the remaining contract plus a 30 day notice so becareful when you sign a contract with these guys. Customer Service is horrible and they are not interested in helping there customers. There service will not work with VOIP phone system so if your considering using them with this service do not even attempt it. My personal opinion is that you should look at other options that are way more customer friendly and can use technology that was made in the 21st century like VOIP or the internet.

Bottom Line do not use ADT Home or Business Security Service.

ToddDiroberto says: (5 years ago)
Interesting article,good point

ToddDiroberto says: (5 years ago)
Interesting article,good point

sintaks says: (5 years ago)
ADT realy took advantage of my MOM (When my mom get on the phone with a sales person they have a feild day with her since she doesnt know what to say to them.
When she says yes some times she' mean NO becuase she hof her Stroke she had year ago.
I have called ADT and told them about this and they tell us they cant do anything about it.
Ive even had Councle on aging try to help her.

AT&T did this to her many time .
They would call 2-3 times a year and ask if she wanted long distance service, Call waiting etc service. and she would say yes when she meant NO and I wouldnt find out till 4-6 months later when I would see a Notice of Termination of service.
Then I would see he bill went from $14.99 a month to $75.00
Now I have this Problem with ADT
I'm about to write a letter to the Govener for help.

goodperson says: (5 years ago)
I have the same contract fraud problem with ADT. BEWARE!! The Salesperson does not state anything and the page I signed does not contain any contract clause (it is hidden on back of the page). They will also increase prices during this period. Real bad experience.

oscar123 says: (5 years ago)
ADT promised my wife a month-to-month contract while I was deployed for 14 months. When I returned, I cancelled the contract and they said that it will cost $350.00 since it was a 3 year contract. I will fight them in small claims court.....see if they show up.

juztiz says: (6 years ago)
I could not agree with you more! The same thing happen to us. Just this year and month 10-10-08. I can't believe the audacity of ADT in not supporting our wish to cancel service. Even though we did not agree for such 3 year contract.


hjknm1 says: (6 years ago)
ADT = liers

For all the good opinions, just wait till you want to cancel…

I signed up for ADT when I moved into my new house 4 yrs ago. I already had the security systems installed and I called them asked for monitoring service.

The sales rep came in and signed me for 3 yrs for 34.99/month. He never once mentioned it was a three year contract. I just bought the house and didn't read the fine print carefully...

After a year when I tried to cancel, they told me it's a 3-yr contract and basically told me I deserved it. Not only that, they raised rate on me and told me although I was bound by the contract, the fine prints said they could raise rates any time they wanted.

At last, 3-yr passed and I tried to cancel, they immediately lower the rate to 19.99/month without contract on month-by-month basis, I said OK - big mistake.

After 11 months I tried to cancel again, the representative was very rude and said I was under contract, I said no and he demanded proof. I said you guys told me on the phone last year...

After very lengthy conversation, they finally gave in... but as a FAVOR to me!

It's a terrible experience, they were very nice to sign you up, once you are on the hook, they would try anything and everything to squeeze you... unbelievable practice

I'll never deal with the company again

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